What I do, is not What I do

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It’s an odd truism in the website world but it’s often the case. What I do, is not What I do.

How many of us introduce ourselves like this: “Hi, I’m Dave, and I design websites”? Seriously, I know I do, but that isn’t even half the story given the myriad of different skillsets that roll into those 2 words. “I design websites”. What the fuck does that even mean when you get down to it?

After all my skill sets boil to so much more than just those 2 words. But we all simplify for the client. After all saying “I’m a website designer” is easier than saying “I’m a website designer and developer with a specialization in PHP and using WordPress as a Content Management System as well as being versed in various aspects of SEO for businesses and building Social Media Presence”.

But we kind of have a tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot by saying Website Designer, as so many people (mostly the non tech-literate) start making assumptions about what you can do.

I recall one instance where I told someone I was a website designer and I was requested to build an all singing and dancing flash animation for their website. I had to decline, after all I’m not an Animator. But the thing that stuck with me was the parting words. “I thought you said you were a web designer”.

It’s a huge misconception among the average lay-person as to what web design actually is.

So to my “Web Designer” friends, have a read of this and if you have any funny stories to tell do so. But I would like to hear how you describe yourself to new clients.

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