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The Allure of the Bean

I don't know why, but I find it very hard to walk past a coffee shop (especially a non chain shop like Starbucks) without nosing my head in. I'm a huge fan of my little coffee dens, and I take great pleasure in rooting out these hidden gems in towns. Knowing where I can get a damn good cup of coffee is a must for me.I do feel sad though at how few of these places ...

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Addictive Working

So I've noticed something else. As per my post of yesterday vis a vi Addictive Writing, I've noticed that this trend towards being unable to write without having an addictive substance in me, extends also towards regular work.It's most distressing to know that Coffee is my power source and if it's ever taken away from me, everything I do will collapse underneath ...

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Addictive Writing

I have recently discovered that I am one of those people that is unable to write worth a damn unless I have some sort of addictive substance in me. This irks me, knowing that while I can express my cynical attitudes in daily life under normal circumstances, I cannot express the same ideas in written form, with the same feeling unless I am taking something.A lot ...

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