End of Year Clean Up

Posted on December 28, 2013 by David

So 2013 is coming to an end and boy has it been one hell of a year, I’m glad it’s coming to an end though and I’m looking forward to an awesome start in 2014. Should be a great year!

So a brief summary of the end of this year, and the plans for the new!

  • Moved over a lot of old Blog content to this one
  • Started a sweet new Job over at LiberoNet in Warrington. A really cool Web Development agency and I love it there
  • Moved into my own little house
  • Started Casting SC2 in earnest and I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of that in the new year.

Next Year

So big things for next year are going to be going back into casting SC2 on a more regular basis. It’s been a shame that I have had to shelve it for as long as I have had to but I can’t wait to start that back up again.

I’ve also got a huge redevelopment of ThreeHive in the works as well which is going to be a fun project. Really sprucing up my more professional portfolio and getting content back on there is going to be a huge priority for me, as well as continuing a series of awesome development projects that I have in the works as well. You can check out most of those over on GitHub as I generally speaking have all my projects open source!

But as far as I am concerned that’s basically a wrap for this year.

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas and will have a great new year!

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