Competitive Gaming or Why I love beating people.

Posted on November 22, 2011 by

I’m always amazed by the sheer amount of apathy that I have towards my games library. A odd statement I know, because whilst I enjoy gaming, I find myself getting far too bored of my story based games.

Once I’ve completed them, I tend to shelve them for so long and only very rarely return to those (with a few notable exceptions (cue Deus Ex love here)).

But Competitive games I return to again and again. League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth are fantastic examples of this. I know the maps back to back, and I know the champions back to back as well, but I am always compelled to play, thanks to the furious amount of competition.

There is always so much tension and it often provides me with a more palpable sense of total immersion in games that a well thought out story does. I am the commander, and I must win. It all comes from that. You personally are threatened in these kinds of games, or if not you, your own skills and mental abilities. People don’t like it when you threaten their abilities. It encourages you to fight, and more importantly enjoy the fight.

Personally, my biggest enjoyment comes from beating other people in these tests of Skill and Strategy. I enjoy mastering games and out thinking my opponents. There is a subtle pleasure in knowing you have beaten someone or something. A distinct sense of accomplishment that can be taken from that.

Or maybe it’s simply because I’m just that guy; you know the one. The bastard that takes so much pleasure in crushing your poorly thought out strategies.

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