Why I never want to develop for Android

Posted on November 6, 2013

Allow me to preface this entry by stating first and foremost, that I love Android. I think it's pretty awesome, open source development is awesome and it is always a worthwhile endeavor to take part in, not to mention the huge diversity of devices that are available that can run it.But that's where I have to stop, and take stock. From a personal perspective, I never ever want to develop anything for Android ever again. The run of hardware ...

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Asynchronous Web Applications are the Future

Posted on January 25, 2012

Given the prevalence of Jquery and Ajax request capabilities in modern web design, I’m still surprised by the amount of websites that still rely on the request -> retrieve format of web design.We all know that speed matters on the web, and delays in getting information, or while waiting for a page to load can have a huge effect on the users experience and can sometimes drive traffic away from a website.But with the technology ...

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