But WHAT does it SMELL like?!

Posted on December 30, 2010 by David

Ah, my holiday seasonal catchphrase. It always gets an upsurge at this time of the year though, as panicked last minute male buyers are trying to find something for their female relatives or other halves. It has everything to do with perfume ads, and nothing to do with the perfume itself.

Obviously at this time of year, one expects an increase in advertisements for gifts, an upsurge linked to the giving of gifts, and normally as I don’t really watch TV, preferring instead to read or play games, I can live with the adverts. All except for perfume adverts.

The most annoying advert ever created. Until the advent of Smell-O-Vision, perfume adverts have to try to give hints as to perhaps the implied fragrance of a particular brand, and this resulted in abstract media, i.e. a woman smelling roses is perhaps indicative that the perfume smells like roses.

However modern TV seems to have taken this art of subtle abstractness, and simply lost the subtle hints portion of it, leaving all perfume adverts to be consigned to the hell of 30 seconds of abstract meaninglessness. Honestly, you know things are wrong when you think you’re watching an advert for a car and it turns out to be some bizarre fragrance instead.

It has to be said that I could yell “BUT WHAT DOES IT SMELL LIKE?!” at the TV until my lips turn blue and other peoples ears fall off, but I am forced to acknowledge the creative geniuses behind these adverts. After all they manage to achieve something that I’m sure most people would enjoy. A cushy job around attractive models, that requires them to essentially produce meaningless abstract art for a lot of cash.

Sounds like an ideal job, I wonder where I can apply.

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