Breaking Out – Starcraft 2 Invitational

Posted on November 15, 2013 by David

So a colleague and friend of mine called Ravi is producing something pretty cool for StarCraft 2 right now, called the Breakout Invitational. I have to give him a massive amount of props here for throwing together a pretty amazing tournament that follows on the back of a regular web series he has been streaming called Breaking Out which is focused on players in the NA scene who are borderline Pro players, and the goal of this tournament is to really put the spotlight on them and try and get them a little bit more in the limelight.

The Breakout Invitational

The cool part is that he has even managed to get some backing from MLG which means that the finals of his little tournament will be casted with Axeltoss. It’s nice to see one of my fellow amateur casters put together something this awesome and really run with it and get it picked up by it.

Ravi certainly deserves all the support in the world for this, and in an effort to try and increase the prize pool for the players they are looking at taking any donations, so if any of you are really interested in SC2, and the NA scene in particular, then I suggest you swing over to the Team Liquid thread and go hit it up for more details.

I’m doing my bit to support this project as well, working with Ravi to get a nice little website set up called which is geared towards showcasing the videos and casts that Ravi is producing and providing a nice website where people can basically catch the archives without having to trawl around Twitch or YouTube to find them.

At this point though, I have to wish Ravi all the luck in the world, and I look forward to catching the Tournament Finals on Friday 22nd November!

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