Addictive Writing

Posted on January 3, 2011 by

I have recently discovered that I am one of those people that is unable to write worth a damn unless I have some sort of addictive substance in me. This irks me, knowing that while I can express my cynical attitudes in daily life under normal circumstances, I cannot express the same ideas in written form, with the same feeling unless I am taking something.

A lot of writers do it, Stephen Fry had his cigarettes and his Pipe, Many musical artists could only create when taking illegal substances.

I seem to favour coffee. Unless I have a strong cup of coffee in my hands or by my side, I cannot write. The trend is apparent even with my university work. Unless I have a coffee, I cannot produce working written material.

I have often wondered as to whether some people are wired differently to others, and it seems to support my case. Some people are brilliant public speakers, some are great writers, and some can only achieve these things by taking some kind of addictive substance.

Perhaps it’s an association thing. When I first started writing, I would always have a coffee with me, and now I can’t write unless I have coffee because otherwise it feels WRONG.

I must study this phenomenon more. If only because my cup has just run empty.

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