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Stressed? Chill Out!

So looking at today's Daily Post topic, Stress is on the menu it would seem. I foresee hundreds of posts about people posting about how stressed their individual lives are, and how some of the minutiae has finally caught up with them and cracked their sanity enough to feel bad about things.Why? Why do people let themselves feel stressed? It certainly isn't ...

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Addictive Working

So I've noticed something else. As per my post of yesterday vis a vi Addictive Writing, I've noticed that this trend towards being unable to write without having an addictive substance in me, extends also towards regular work.It's most distressing to know that Coffee is my power source and if it's ever taken away from me, everything I do will collapse underneath ...

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Addictive Writing

I have recently discovered that I am one of those people that is unable to write worth a damn unless I have some sort of addictive substance in me. This irks me, knowing that while I can express my cynical attitudes in daily life under normal circumstances, I cannot express the same ideas in written form, with the same feeling unless I am taking something.A lot ...

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