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But WHAT does it SMELL like?!

Ah, my holiday seasonal catchphrase. It always gets an upsurge at this time of the year though, as panicked last minute male buyers are trying to find something for their female relatives or other halves. It has everything to do with perfume ads, and nothing to do with the perfume itself.Obviously at this time of year, one expects an increase in advertisements ...

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The Predictability of Old Films

Whilst I've been staying with my Mother this Christmas, I have come to a startling realization. I loathe old cinematography. Sure I can say that without it we wouldn't have the films of our day and things would be vastly different, but this doesn't change my overall impression of it, which in a word is crap.But I only find it to be terrible for one reason; it's ...

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The Life of a Cynic

It has often been marked to me that I am a very cynical person, which is often bizarre in people of my age. Generally it is regarded that the 20's are a time for people to be bright and optimistic, ready to face the challenges of life. And them you discover the occasional cynic in the masses, those who look at life and prefer to see the reality behind situat...

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