David at a glance

A standard week in my life!

  • a

    Cups of Coffee
  • p

    Hours of Music Consumed
  • i

    Hours of Development
  • j

    Hours Gaming


Me in a Nutshell

Web Application Developer, StarCraft 2 Shoutcaster, guitar player and generally coffee obsessed nut case, because you can't go wrong with a good dark roast!You can usually locate me either in the office or at home, where the chances are I'll either be nose first in a book on development, or lurking on Battle.net waiting to play some games.Say Hi, Email me

My Skills

  1. PHP Development 80%
  2. Starcraft 2 Casting 60%
  3. Python Development 70%
  4. Rails Development 50%
I live and breath for web application development. I love logic and code and everything that goes with. Like most web developers I cut my teeth on PHP but since then I have moved more and more into Python and Ruby based web applications, and now I'm even getting into the NodeJS scene. To see some of my Open Source work head on over to my GitHub pages to see what's what!